It’s Official! I’m getting published!

Yup, it’s finally happened!

I’ve signed a contract with Dreamspinner Press for Book 1 of my West Coast Boys series – King of Snowflakes!

It’s an M/M Romance (Male/Male) set mostly at Big White, a world famous ski resort in BC, Canada. Here’s a rough idea of what the back cover might say…

After a bad breakup with his downtown boyfriend, Skyler is in no shape to take the usual being-out-in-high-school teasing. When Ryan and his teammates take it too far, he lets them have it, never expecting a straight jock like Ryan might be moved by his freak out. Becoming friends seems downright ridiculous. Ryan, however, is much more than he seems. Behind his cocky smile is a young man floating through life, cutting ties and feeling hopeless about his own future and value. When Ryan invites him on a ski trip, Skyler discovers just how dangerous it can be to be trapped in the mountains with a lonely straight friend.


I’ll keep you posted on progress, but the projected release date is Aug / Sept 2014. Hard at work on Book 2 now! The series will feature epic West Coast locations and wilderness and, since written by me, some loooove and intimacy.

Thanks go out to all the great peoples who have given me their support! Writing novels can be a lonely job, but you never get it done alone.


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